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      Good morning, today I’m going to explain you how we can prepare a neapolitan pizza.

      If you want to see my pizza click on the link:

      recipe :

      – flour    600 gr
      – water   390 gr
      – salt       18 gr
      – yeast  (1,8 gr in winter and 0,6 gr in summer)

      it’s a recipe that only needs 24 hours.

      Before starting, some tips:

      – WATER, use cold water in summer while use room temperature water in winter.
      – YEAST, use fresh brewer’s yeast, 1% in summer and 3% in winter compared to flour.
      – FLOUR, uses flour with a medium strength (from 180 to 260 W)


      FIRST DAY : 

      The first day at 18 o’ clock, with the help of a kneader, dissolve the yeast in water and then add the flour, as soon as the dough begins to form, add salt (don’t use salt until the dough begins to form).
      The dough is ready when it is completely smooth.
      Do not knead too much or the glutinous mixture will break.
      Finally put the mass in a hermetically sealed container and put it in the fridge at 4 ° C.
      In the fridge the dough remains still and the “maturation” phase begins.

      SECOND DAY :

      On the second day at 14 o’clock, pull the mass out of the fridge and create 4 balls of 250 gr.
      This phase is called “staglio”.
      In this phase the “leavening” starts.

      Put them in a container that is closed, if it was open, the air would dry the dough.
      At 19.30/20 o’clock you can start to roll out the pizza with some flour.

      If you have decided the tastes, proceed to cook the pizza in the wood oven, in this case the fantastic pizza party at 450 ° c.
      For Neapolitan pizza takes about 90 seconds.

      For my pizza I decided to put:

      • Tomato
      • mozzarella cheese
      • sausage
      • stracchino (soft cheese)


      And now..Have a nice dinner

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